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B.M. ARCHETA ENGINERING INC. was established in 2002 primarily to engage in developing pharmaceutical equipments and construction of pharmaceutical laboratories, warehouses, buildings and offices. Product consistency and the high level of quality and work standards have earned B.M. ARCHETA the continued trust of its pharmaceutical clients. From 2002 to 2009, demand for its services continued to increase, future projects for the succeeding year had already been lined up. The business is good, the Company’s main focus and objective is to satisfy its valued clients.

In September, 2009 Typhoon Ondoy and its aftermath caught the attention of the Company’s founder Engineer Bernabe M. Archeta, that tons of garbage contributes to the devastation of typhoon Ondoy. And as a responsible citizen, for him every Filipino has the responsibility to protect the environment not only for ourselves but for the future generation. That calamity serves as a wake up call for the Company to change its business focus from developer of pharmaceutical equipment, laboratories and building construction to developer of machines that will reduce volume of garbage being dumped into the landfill, a machine that will prolong the life of the controlled landfill.    

In the last quarter of 2010, Engineer Bernabe M. Archeta, developed the “MARKELL MACHINE”. A granulator with liquid removing compactor that will serve as a mechanical composting machine powered by a single internal combustion diesel engine, no electrical power, no hydraulic or pneumatic system. It has a capability to granulate both soft and hard bio-waste materials. The rotary blade in the granulating chamber instantly granulates the materials fed in the conveyor system. The granulated materials are forcibly dropped to the solid and liquid separating chamber. The solid materials are extracted from the chamber by screw conveyor for ready packaging or storing to complete its process of composting.

In July 4, 2011, the Company’s application for intellectual property rights for “MARKELL” machine has been approved by the Intellectual Property Office - Philippines – Bureau of Patents thus the company changed its name from B. M. ARCHETA ENGINEERING to MARKELL MACHINERIES MANUFACTURING. Today, after two and a half years of commercial operation of this machine, the Company has received several awards, citations, accreditations and recognitions from various institution and government agencies such as Filipino Inventors Society, Department of Science and Technology (DOST), DOST – Industrial Technology Development Institute (ITDI), DOST – Technology Application and Promotion Institute (TAPI).

Financial and Manufacturing Capabilities

Apart from the company’s financial capabilities to manufacture industrial machines, specifically the “MARKELL” machine was found technically viable by DOST – TAPI as such was included within the Invention Guarantee Fund (IGF) Program under RA 7459 which provides guarantee loan assistance from the government.